What is on my nightstand this week – Luke

Still loving on Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone. There is something about a modern influenced epic fantasy setting that I love, might be that I have a project set in a similar type of location. I think of these locations as places where magic rather than (or in addition to) technology has driven things like the ... more

Customer Profile: That Noir Guy

When he walks in, all the lights dim. And even though we banned smoking before Pompeii gave up the ghost, the room is all is thick with cigarette smoke. The band starts playing in all black and white. Dames start crawling out of the woodwork. Dames with gams from here till next week, even though no ... more

Sentenced: Before They Are Hanged by Joe Abercrombie 

He should’ve known by now. Only friends get left behind. Enemies are always at your heels.  Before They Are Hanged by Joe Abercrombie  There is a tone impending doom that only gets reenforced by little bits like that end of a lot of chapters. Again, like a lot of this book, in a less deft ... more