Get to Know a Hero: Hawkman

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There are both human and Thanagarian Hawkmen (Hawkmans?). They are not the same guy. Most of the time. We’re going human-ish here since Flarrow gave us Carter Hall. Name: Carter Hall Aliases: Prince Khufu Kha-Tarr, Nighthawk (Hannibal Hawkes), Silent Knight (Brian Kent), Koenrad Von Grimm, Captain John Smith (like, the Pocahontas dude), James Wright Born: ... more

55: The Game Has The Feet…

This week, Luke and Shiri talk Conan Doyle’s original procedural superstar Sherlock Holmes. Next we enter the mind palace of The Abominable Bride. We conclude, as always, with the Grrrrrr and the Arrrrrgh. Check out this episode! ... more

Get to Know a Hero: Hawkgirl

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Like The Atom, Hawkgirl is considered a legacy hero. Legends is focusing on Kendra Saunders and I will do the same, though this one gets a little more wiggy than some. Because reincarnation.   Name: Kendra Saunders (reincarnation of Shiera Saunders Hall) Aliases: Kendra Munoz-Saunders Born: Egypt, reign of Ramses II. Sort of. Died: 1999, reincarnated with the ... more

Prediction: 11.22.63

Luke: I love the idea of time travel. And the moral question of should you go back and save or kill some in the past has been the fodder of science fiction since the pulps. The whole question of what it means to change the past, and especially where do you go home to, if you ... more

Monday Review: The Martian

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I finally got to see The Martian. Sucks that it took so long. This was on the “worth a babysitter, run out to the theatre” list but, alas, as the sage once said, “Life, the universe, and everything.” I always feel a good bit of trepidation when seeing a film based on a book I liked ... more