Prediction: Ancillary Mercy vs Empire Ascendent

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VERSUS   Shiri: Which one will I read first?  Ancillary Mercy, no contest.  I love Kameron Hurley’s series and I can’t wait for more and if I could read both books simultaneously I would.  I, sadly, do not have that power and there’s just something about Breq.  My prediction is that both books will be equally ... more

48: Even the past is new again…

48: Even the past is new again… After a quick lightning round, we look at the past. Or at least alternative pasts. First, we discuss Nixon and Crooked by AUSTIN GROSSMAN. (We might even have a political discussion!) Then, we follow Peter Pan to World War II with Peter Panzerfaust written by KURTIS J WIEBE. ... more

Monday Review: Gotham S2:E1-2

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  Season One of Gotham was… uneven.  There were some really excellent episodes (the more Pertwee, the better) and some really, really terrible ones (the flippin’ season finale, for starters and what the fuck was with that island and why would you waste the Dollmaker that way?).  In retrospect, some of the falling off at ... more

The Radch is Coming!

Back.  If you haven’t read Ann Leckie’s Ancillary Justice and Ancillary Sword, you should.  Which Luke and I may have mentioned a few times. i09 posted this helpful infographic this morning if you HAVE read them but need a little refresher on the space navy configuration.  I know I do. ... more

Let’s Talk Process: Another Excerpt

I am currently up the weeds in shit creek, so instead of exposition or ranting: ANOTHER EXCEPT FROM CHAOS! Unedited.  Unrefined. I’m sorry.  I am so sorry. ********** When the portal closed, Jade squeezed Muninn’s hand once more and walked away, toward the Ratatosk. Fenrir followed her and she didn’t argue. Once aboard, the hatch secured, she ... more