Word-count Hacks: Pre-Planning

(A new series where I will look at different techniques for getting your daily word count up. Following the theory: if it is not written down you can’t fix it.) I have limited writing time, so I need to make every minute to write count. I don’t know if I am going to do a NaNoWriMo ... more

Writing Exercise: Summary Emoji-zation

2016-08-18 08.47.27
This exercise comes from Kyle MacLachlan (yes, the actor), in a tweet to a fan that has been making the rounds of twitter and blogs: There you have it, the entire movie of Dune summarized, recognizably, in just emojis. I am kind of mesmerized by this, Dune was one of the first chapter books I read, ... more

Gen Con Write-up

Gen Con 2016 landed right in the middle of the giant ball of crazy/chaos I call life. The fact that the con-buzz has not worn off yet and that I am finding new life in a bunch of writing projects I had put up on the shelf (directly related to Gen Con), has made this year’s ... more

Sentenced: The Atrocity Archives by Charles Stross

atrocity archives
There are luminous worms writing behind his eyes. The Atrocity Archives by Charles Stross In the second chapter Bob Howard comes face to face with the horrors from beyond, in (or behind) the face of a co-worker from accounting being possessed. There is a whole setup that resonates with anyone who has done tech support ... more

Rambling Review: Habitica the TODO-list RPG

me level 5
Gamification has been a big buzz word for a bit now. The solution to everything, everything tech related at least, was to gamify it. Gamification, for those who don’t follow tech trends like most people follow sports teams, is the idea of applying game rewards to things that are essentially not games. Doing it wrong ... more

Tools and Techniques: Spam Names

I hate names. I really hate thinking them up. I have one project where I need to rename at least one of my male leads, both a Jackson and a Jason in the same book is a bad idea. With names that similar, even the author gets confused. Another project until recently I just referred ... more