Prediction: Doctor Who, Series 9

Shiri:  I was not impressed by Series 8.  Actually, that’s an unfair assessment because I gave up about half-way through, though I hear it didn’t improve much.  Capaldi is excellent as the Doctor and it broke my heart to walk away, but the whole entity was… hollow.  Missing something.  Like a companion I have give ... more

Monday Review: Armada by Ernest Cline

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Right, so.  Armada Le sigh. I won’t go so far as to say it’s terrible. I’m more inclined toward meh. It started off strong.  Strong enough that I defended it on Facebook and Twitter to the haters in my personal/personal-extended circles. And I didn’t dislike it for the same reason most people have expounded upon. ... more

Sentenced: Shiri’s 8-30-15 Edition

Busy week, lots of stuff, did some reading and I’m sure there was something that hit me good and hard but damned if I can remember.  Thus, I shall leave you with this my five years old’s witty rejoinder to some goofy repartee my husband offered. “I’m going to shove a rubber butt up your butt.” ... more

Captain America: Civil War Concept Art

I’ve been de-spoilering my life of late because, quite frankly, I enjoy the jaw-dropping, child-like wonder that comes upon me while watching the various installments of the MCU (and any sort of suspense in other properties).  The whole point of the thing is to lose one’s self in the impossible for a couple of hours, ... more

Let’s Talk Process: Listening to Your Editor

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I’ve been writing for some time now, with intent to publish for the last five to seven years.  I did not have an editor on Shaman.  Beta readers yes, friends and relatives yes, but not a formal, paid editor.  There were reasons I could enumerate here but regardless, as proud as I am of my first publication, ... more

Prediction 8-25-15: Victor Frankenstein

Shiri: I’m… both cautiously optimistic and skeptical.  Two most excellent actors, both of whom I have enjoyed in various roles (especially McAvoy. Always McAvoy).  An interesting take on both the tale and the Frankenstein/Igor dynamic.  Just enough scenery chewing in this short snippet to be tasty but signs (the wig, the evil laughter, the bolts, ... more