Shiri’s Favorite Comics of 2014

Death Vigil by Stjepan Sejic (story and art): a Reaper named Bernie! Necromancers! Sweet magical objects! The creator’s complete vision for your eyeholes! And that art, even the monsters… absolutely gorgeous. The Death Defying Doctor Mirage by Jan Van Meter, Roberto de la Torre, and David Baron: there’s a lot of history underlying this one I don’t ... more

Luke’s Year in Review, 2014: BOOKS

Old books
Like most things, end of the year lists cause me to feel great umbrage. Mainly it has to do with the laziness of most list, and list for awards in general, tend to be end loaded. Meaning that the things that a fresher in people’s minds tend to do better on the lists that something ... more

Shiri’s Favorite Media Moments of 2014

No one's quite sure who did this but it is perfect.
The Arrow mid-season finale (Ras a’Gul! Swords! Matsuo!  Nyssa! People freaking out because they don’t know about Lazarus Pits!  A.T.O.M.!  Felicity “Why Does This Keep Happening To Me” Smoak) Guardians of the Galaxy (the dancing in the abandoned alien temple scene, “I will not fall prey to your pelvic sorcery,” Drax “See, Metaphor” the Destroyer, Groot, ... more

27: Happy 1st Birthday, Lock In, Year in review

27: Happy 1st Birthday, LCSP Exactly one year ago yesterday, Luke and Shiri first posted the first episode of LCSP, replete with complete and utter bullshit they babbled at one another.  A year older, and, if at all possible less wise, we blather on about the fantabulous John Sclazi’s newest, Lock-In.  And by blather, I ... more

Shiri’s Top Ten Books of the Year

Mmmm... so many delicious words...
Mind, these were not necessarily published in 2014, but they all entered my eyeholes in 2014.  And if I read the sum total, or sum total thus far, of a series, it counts as a single entry.  What?  My list, my rules. Choosing a favorite from this list is a challenge but, were I to do ... more

Blog’s not dead, man

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November has been a hellish month. Between work, weather, vacations, and at least on member of the blog/podcast doing a double NaNoWriMo things have been quiet, really quiet here. Well, I am popping in just to you know the blog is not dead. The podcast has just posted its 26th episode and we are looking ... more

26: The DIY Episode!

Episode 26: The DIY Episode! The Martian by Andy Weir (it started as DIY.  Honest!) Welcome to Nighvale and translating success from the other side.  Our writing topic: Self-Publishing: why it’s good, why isn’t not, why one should, why one shouldn’t… We conclude, as always, with the Grrr and the Arrrgh.   Check out this ... more

25: Greatcoats and Great TV

Episode 25: Greatcoats and Great TV This week, Luke and Shiri wander through the worlds of heroes and superheroes. First off, The Traitor’s Blade, takes us to world of swords, sorcery, and coats. Then, we get lost in the noise of Fall TV, again. Covering, Constantine, Arrow, Flash and more on Gotham. We skip writing ... more

24: The Time Travel Episode

Episode 24: The Time Travel Episode This week, Luke and Shiri wander through time wander through time wander through time … sorry, got caught in a loop…  with Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s All You Need is Kill.  We both break the no Tom Cruise rule and survive Edge of Tomorrow: Live, Die, Repeat.  Our writing topic is ... more