Sentenced: Shiri’s 10-26-14 Edition

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  “No. No way.  I don’t want foreigners involved in my business.  Jinn are one thing but I draw the line at Americans.” And, as I’ve continued reading, a few more gems: One the manner on which Djinn select a hometown: “Many of us prefer to live in places abandoned by humans.  Less work for us. ... more

What Luke Is Listening To: ANGRY WEEK

  Angry week and some Metallica is in order. Some people really like Ride the Lightning, but for me it is all about Master of Puppets. Great album, and the two ending tracks make for an epic justification of albums and not tracks being the smallest, indivisible unit of music for great musicians. Though, if ... more

Let’s Talk Process: NaNoWriMo

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Yes, I am doing NaNo this year.  Not all official like because 1) I’m lazy and don’t feel like filling out all the crap to make myself official and get a user name and 2) when I have money to punt for a good cause, it goes to Bikers Against Child Abuse and/or WYEP.  We ... more