Shiri’s Review: The Moon and the Sun

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  From a straight up reader perspective, I adored The Moon and the Sun.  Historical fantasy isn’t something I’ve read a lot of.  I’m honestly not sure how much of it there is to read.  Historically set fantasy, sure (Outlander, Ben Bova’s Orion series — yeah, that doesn’t date me at all).  Historically influenced fantasy, absolutely (A Song of ... more

I’m afraid of the Internet…

I am afraid of the Internet. All of the tech that makes the Internet up and all the tech that has come along with it. Now it is not an end of the world with the machines that are going to get us type of fear, a la Terminator. No, it is something else. When I grew up, cameras and ... more

For All Your Book Promo Needs

We don’t usually pimp products and services as such here at The Last Chance Pod. That said, I worked with a small, local, graphic design studio/print shop to create the promo materials for Hero Handlers (release planned for May, 2015) and Joshua Snider at S.N’Son Printing did an amazing job on the bookmarks, postcards, stickers, and business ... more

Currently Entering Shiri’s Eyeholes

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  Still feeling this one out.  McIntyre is a very gifted writer and the idea of a firmly set historical fantasy is a novel one, despite the book’s having been published in 1997. The difficulty I’m having 60 pages in is with the narrative voice.  Well, voices.  While each voice is distinct and individual, they ... more

Superheroes and “The Gaze”
Before posting my Aquaman blog entry, I talked the contents through with my friend, and personal feminism guru, Beth over at The Cult of Perfect Motherhood.  After reading, she raised the issue of “the gaze,” something I deliberately glossed over so as to stay on rantack (rant track) with my King of the Sea arguments and because ... more

Ichabod Redeemed

Pretty sure that was the look on my face the majority of the season...
Sleepy Hollow has, to my dismay, been super lame this season.  No legit big bad, wish-washy relationship crap, and general lame-osity. The season finale, however, returned to the show’s batshit roots.  Magic, time travel, evil Katrina, and spectacular Ben Franklin-ness. I’m back on the wagon and hoping for a full season redemption. Just remember, writers: more crazy, ... more