Customer Profile: That Guy

You know.  That guy.  Yes, you do.  The one who’s always there.  Nondescript.  Not smart, not dumb, not a jock, not a geek.  Just… that guy. What was he wearing?  Jeans.  Maybe khakis.  A black jacket.  Possibly navy blue.  Leather.  Probably.  Dress shoes or Chucks, definitely one of those.  Or cowboy boots.  Or were they ... more

30: Hill and Carter

Episode 30: It’s the Joe Hill appreciation half hour when Luke and Shiri open the Heart Shaped Box, sell you all a ghost, and run for cover. Next, we appreciate Agent Carter is all her glory. Shiri coins and explains the term ‘the Firefly Effect’, then proceeds to use it a lot. We end, as ... more

Monday Tuneage: Kansas City

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Why does Marcus Mumford’s voice fix the majority of short circuits in my brain (be they stress, exhaustion, hunger, lack of caffeination, frustration, or otherwise induced)?  Not a clue.  Frequency thing, I suppose. To be honest, I don’t really care why it works. Marcus Mumford with T-Bone Burnett, Elvis Costello, Rhiannon Giddens, Taylor Goldsmith, and ... more

That Which Shiri is Reading 1-25-15

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After the sheer cliff face climb that was making my way through Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets (which I loved and would file on the “psychologically difficulty but worthy” list) my brain and soul needed a bit of a holiday.   Older’s first novel, Half-Resurrection Blues, was released this month and featured on a blog I eyeball from time to time ... more

Customer Profile: Thor the “Mighty.”

From Loki: Agent of Asgard  
(written Al Ewing, art by Lee Garberty)
Between you, me, and the inter webs, the only reason Thor can lift that hammer is Daddy’s desire to keep his throne room free of debris.  The epic tantrum thrown the last time someone suggested Thor wasn’t worthy…  that kingly chair will never be the same and neither will Freya’s shoe collection. If he didn’t drink so ... more

29: Love it, Hate it

29: Love it, Hate it Here at the Last Chance Salon, we’re chock full of surprises and this week, we’re sharing them with you fine folks!  Luke and Shiri expected to love the film adaptation of Joe Hill’s Horns, for example, but herein proceed to enumerate the many, many reasons we, in fact, thought it ... more

Still Here, We Swear

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I was hoping to be back on track with blogger-y things by now.  My calendar says so, see:   Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, that’s your call), Life, The Universe, and Everything.  The plan is to post when I can for the rest of January and then do things all regular like beginning Feb 1. Today? ... more

28. Mythology

28. Mythology This week, Luke and Shiri delve into the mystery and magic of G. Willow Wilson’s Cairo, then spin off into the larger world of mythology and the writer’s responsibility not to be a dick as regards said.  We make public (gah!) our goals for next year and GRRRRRRRR with a bare minimum of ... more