Let’s Talk Process: Works in Translation

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Translation.   It wan’t until grad school I considered translation from another language to be a potential reading pitfall. I was writing a paper on why the Harry Potter books were only tossed on to bonfires in this free land of ‘Murica (hint: Puritainism).  My prof suggested reading one of the series to see if the diction changed ... more

Monday Review: Lock In by John Scalzi

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When Luke and I discussed How to Train Your Dragon on the podcast last week, we touched briefly upon the idea of Hiccup and Toothless being two of few good representations of a young adult fantasy character with disabilities. Why good? Good because, while both find challenges in their missing limbs (a tail fin in the case ... more

Sentenced: Luke for 2104-09-14

WHEN I WAKE UP, I CAN’T REMEMBER ANY OF MY PASSWORDS. Twelve Tomorrows – Countermeasures by Christopher Brown Such a beautiful encapsulation of “first world problems”, being so hung over you forget all of your passwords. The stories in this collection are perfect little idea bombs. ... more

Sentenced: Shiri’s 9-14-14 Edition

Another from The Great First Line Collection, this one the start of All You Need is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. Mind, it’s a translation from Japanese and I couldn’t tell you how accurate it is if someone threatened to cover me in honey and stake me to a fire ant hill, but regardless, how can you ... more

What Luke Is Reading

Twelve Tomorrows edited by Bruce Sterling. MIT Technology Review is doing a yearly special where they have a whole bunch of great sci-fi authors do their thing and write some fabulous stories about the future. And with a line up like William Gibson, Warren Ellis, Lauren Bukes, and a bunch of others it is hard ... more

That Which Shiri is Reading: 9-13-14

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All You Need is Kill, source material for Edge of Tomorrow, which I haven’t seen because Tom Cruise, but heard was very good.  Short little volume, lots of cursing, digging it so far.  Some questions re: treatment of women, but I’m reserving until I’m more than 30 pages in.   The art in Death of ... more