Prediction: God’s of Egypt

Shiri: I have to agree with Izzy on this one: metal Annubis is pretty boss. It’s going to be pretty. Also, Gerard Butler in a skirt is never a bad thing. It’s also going to suck giant monkey balls. I am totally hate watching this fucker. Luke: (Yeah I was late on this, I suck.) The ... more

Entering Shiri’s Eyeholes: Leviathans and Rat Queens

Property of Image Comics
  Space Opera + hard boiled cop drama. What? So much yes. Bought the rest of the series and it’s queued up for binge.   Rat Queens #13! Hooray. It was big comic week for my pull list. Along with the above, I also devoured: Pretty Deadly #6, I Hate Fairyland #2, Kanan #8, Captain America: Sam Wilson #3, Star Wars: Vader Down #1, Star Wars #12, The ... more

Get to Know a Hero: Katana

Katana property of DC Comics
All information contained herein was found on the official DC Website and Wikipedia.  Yes, I did go to Wikipedia because the DC website sucks.   Alias: Tatsu Yamashiro Born: Japan First Appearance: Brave and the Bold #200 (1983) Abilities: supernatural knowledge (whatever that means), martial arts, master swordsperson.  Her sword, Soultaker, allows her to capture and communicate ... more

Prediction: Jessica Jones

Property of Netflix
Shiri: Only three more days. Only three more days. Damn it, I can’t believe I have to work this weekend. I was indifferent about Daredevil until the opening moments of the first episode. Why? Not sure. Why did I decide to watch? All of my friends were doing it. And no, Mom, I wouldn’t jump off ... more

51: The Best and the Word Barf

Episode 51: The Best and the Word Barf After a lightening round of “What’s New in Our Pull Lists” delved into The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy (eds: LCSP favorites John Joseph Adams and Joe Hill). Next we spill our guts about NaNoWriMo 2015 (yes, we’ve both changed our positions since that show two ... more

Monday Review: I Hate Fairyland by Skottie Young

Property of Skottie Young and  Image Comics
  My primary exposure to Skottie Young has been via the art he’s done for kid- oriented comics (Little Avengers vs. Little X-Men, the Oz books).  I and Z love him, I love him, it’s a veritable love fest (said with absolutely no sarcasm whatsoever). Those exposures, however, left me a little underprepared for most the ... more