Customer Profile: The Sock Monster

We try to keep him here, really, we do.  The problem is, he won’t eat both members of a pair.  Ever.  Not real bright, but he has some sort of sixth sense about it and he won’t touch the second one and there are only so many sock puppets a person can make before everyone ... more

Teaser Tuesday

art by Jenny Melzer
Hey, ya’ll.  Hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday. Hero Handlers: Origins #2 (Shadow Archer) is live (under the shorts tab)! Next week: Hero Handlers: Origins #3 (Berserker and Valkyrie)! Don’t forget, you can pre-order the e-book of Hero Handlers RIGHT NOW.  ALL ROYALTIES EARNED IN THE PRE-ORDER PERIOD WILL BE DONATED TO METAVIVOR.ORG, an organization that coordinates ... more

Let’s Talk Process: Final Edits

image via Savage Chickens
I learned a lesson this week. Always order a print proof and always do your final edits using that print proof. I know.  I know you’re tired.  I know that your head is going to explode if you look at any of those words one more time.  I know you’re ready for this thing you made to ... more

36: Top of the Volcano and the Hugos

Shiri and Luke delve into the award winning short fiction of Harlan Ellison with our review of Top of the Volcano. And then we approach the subject of this year’s Hugo awards and the shenanigans surrounding the voting, so far. And of course, we end with the Grrr and the Arrrgh. Check out this episode! ... more

And They Were Doing So Well…

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I may have mentioned that I am very much a fan of CW’s The Flash.  If not, I am very much a fan of The Flash. I am not a fan of Iris West. She Lois Lanes (aka: does dumb shit and and needs saving, thereby distracting the hero from the actual innocents who desperately need his ... more

Sentenced: Shiri’s 4-20-15 Edition

   … I heard things rattle gently, like dry bones in thin bags, in the slight wind.  Click.  Clack.  Click. Clack. Like that.I would have pulled away then, if I could; but small, firm fingers pulled me forward, unrelentingly, into the dark. – Neil Gaiman, Click-Clack the Rattlebag ... more

Pre-Order Fundraiser

The pre-order period for Hero Handlers is now a fundraiser for (an organization coordinating research and support for metastatic breast cancer). ALL ROYALTIES from the pre-order period will be donated.  ALL.  ROYALTIES.  You buy a book, I make a donation.  Simple. DO EEEEEET.   ... more

Shiri’s Review: Knight’s Shadow

The sequel to a great book is always scary for the reader. I’m certain it’s rather scary for the author as well.  Lots of expectation equals lots of pressure which equals lots of stress etcetera.  Some writers find that type of pressure fuel for the creative fire.  Others, I imagine not so much.  In the ... more