What Luke Is Listening To: ANGRY WEEK

  Angry week and some Metallica is in order. Some people really like Ride the Lightning, but for me it is all about Master of Puppets. Great album, and the two ending tracks make for an epic justification of albums and not tracks being the smallest, indivisible unit of music for great musicians. Though, if ... more

Let’s Talk Process: NaNoWriMo

image via dc.wikia.com
Yes, I am doing NaNo this year.  Not all official like because 1) I’m lazy and don’t feel like filling out all the crap to make myself official and get a user name and 2) when I have money to punt for a good cause, it goes to Bikers Against Child Abuse and/or WYEP.  We ... more

27: Vanishing, Reappearing, and Why We Give a Crap

27: Vanishing, Reappearing, and Why We Give a Crap This week, Luke and Shiri wander through the maze (or morass, depending on which one of us you’re talking to) of All The Vanished Engines by Paul Park.  Next, we welcome Gotham to our small screens and welcome back Ichabod, Abby, the utterly wonderful bugfuckery that ... more

Sentenced: Shiri’s 10-19-14 Edition

A couple from Ann Leckie’s Ancillary Sword this week: “Sit up straight, Dlique.  Don’t dismember your sister, Dlique, is isn’t nice.  Internal organs belong inside your body, Dlique.”   ” ‘Oh, sporocarps!  Translator Dlique turned, I assumed to feel before Sword of Atagaris could see who she was and detain her… she had not turned all the way, and I ... more

Stay Tuned

Long two weeks, long weekend, feeling gross with that impending cold sore throat.  Blog may not happen this week, kids.  My apologies.  Will pick up again ASAP. –S ... more

Sentenced: Shiri’s 10-12-14 Edition #2

Shocking, right?  Look, I’m equally as excited about being this excited about a book as I am to be excited about the book itself, so there’s undoubtedly going to be more.  You might as well get used to it. “Anaander Mianaai, ruler (for the moment) of all the vast reaches of Radchaai space, sat in a wide ... more