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The Thrilling Adventure dudes! Freakin’ genius writers and also quite humorous conversationalists.

Takeaway: “If you’re writing, you have to write.  Enjoy it…  Put it out there in front of people.  Having a screenplay in your drawer doesn’t do you any good.”  Or something in that general vicinity.  We writer folk hear it all the time, yet in our swamps of crippling self-doubt (you know, the ones that are part of the collective writerly unconscious?), we often forget though it be work, it also be (rem, is) (usually) a damn good time.  Thanks for the reminder, gents.

Also: “There’s real value in just getting it down.”

Additionally, explanation, exposition, and repeated usage of the phrase “twee as fuck.”

If you don’t listen to

you should.  Radio plays.  Fantastic, phenomenal, ironic, hilariously crafted radio plays recorded live at a theatre in LA (occasionally in various tour locations).   If you require further enticement, Nathan Fillion is a frequent guest.

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